Lightning protection methods and related common sense of waterproof switches

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A waterproof switch is a switch with waterproof function. There are relatively many types in the market. Let's learn about the lightning protection methods and related common sense of waterproof switches.

1. Lightning protection method of waterproof switch

1. In order to achieve unattended operation, modern communication touch switches have remote monitoring functions such as remote signaling, telemetry, and remote control. The communication interval of the signal line interface connected to it is long, and it is minimally damaged by induction lightning, resulting in shutdown. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Information Industry, corresponding signal lightning arresters should be installed for protection.

2. DC lightning arrester. Because the residual voltage of the DC lightning arrester is much lower than that of the communication lightning protection device, it can effectively improve the ability of the sensitive equipment of the communication switching power supply communication station to resist the lightning electromagnetic pulse.

3. Multi-level arrangement of lightning arresters. The rated residual voltage caused by the lead inductance can be reduced, because the front-level lightning arrester has leaked most of the lightning current to the ground, while the rear-level lightning arrester only leaks a small part of the lightning current, which will inevitably lead to the reduction of the additional residual voltage on the lead. In order to ensure the energy cooperation between the front and rear stages of the lightning arrester, the length of the power cable between the lightning protection devices should not be less than 15 meters, otherwise the ion coupler should be used for energy cooperation.

4. The power lines entering and leaving the communication station are often neglected, such as lighting street light lines, tower light power lines, non-telecommunication equipment rental telecommunication power lines, etc. At present, solar tower lights should be used to reduce the way of lightning strike. Other power lines should be within the protection range of the lightning protection system, otherwise special lightning protection methods should be adopted.

Second, the relevant knowledge of waterproof switch

1. The waterproof level of the general switch is IP6, 7, but the larger the two digits after the IP, the stronger the waterproof ability of the switch, but the related price is also relatively expensive, so when purchasing a switch in general, please refer to According to the requirements of your own actual application scenarios, purchase a waterproof switch with the corresponding waterproof level.

2. During the installation process, when all the solder joints of the switch are not completely cooled, please do not touch the position of the contacts or shake them at will, otherwise the switch may become loose and deformed. In this case, the flux used in the soldering switch should not use some high-concentration water-soluble flux, otherwise when the temperature is too high, the oxidized substances of the water-soluble flux will have a certain corrosive effect on the switch.

3. Avoid using the button of the switch frequently, so as to avoid some misoperation of the induction circuit components of the switch, which will cause some switch buttons to fail. And every time the key switch is activated, a certain current conduction will occur, so some unnecessary power consumption will be formed for the frequent removal of the key switch.

4. Please be careful not to scratch the sheath of the wire lead on the cable of the switchgear, otherwise the exposed part of the wire core will simply seep into some water vapor, which will simply cause the problem of circuit leakage or short circuit. Once the switch is touched, there is a risk of electric shock.

5. When choosing a touch switch, attention should be paid to whether the current load of the switch meets the requirements of the equipment. As each standard type of switch is different, its current load carrying capacity also varies widely. If the working voltage and current of some household appliances are inconsistent with the selected switch power, which is inconsistent with the circuit overload load simply caused, once the working current temperature is too high, it may directly burn out the switch.

Thank you for your patience in reading. The above is an introduction to the lightning protection methods and related common sense of waterproof switches. Some of the contents are from the Internet and are for reference only. If you want to know more details about the waterproof switch, please call for details, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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