What are the components of the waterproof headphone holder?

Author:yousu04 Date:2022-05-24 Reading:

The waterproof earphone holder is mainly used in the three-dimensional design of mobile phones, CD players, wireless phones, MP3 players, digital notebook computers, DVD players, digital cameras, etc. So what are the components of the waterproof headphone holder?

1. Shell, the shell has a 2.5 or 3.5 socket shell, which contains a touch panel, which is also a way to fix the junction box on the device.

2. Insulation parts, in 2.5 or 3.5 sockets, the function of the insulating parts of the waterproof earphone holder is to place the touch parts in the correct position, and to insulate the touch parts and between the touch parts and the shell from each other.

3. Touch piece, touch piece refers to the conductive part in the contactor, which transmits the voltage or signal of the PCB board or wire connected to the end of the product to the corresponding touch piece, and the touch body and end structure of the touch piece have many kind.

So today's explanation is here first. The above is the whole content of today. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the composition of the waterproof earphone holder. Thank you very much for your patient reading. If you want to know more about the waterproof earphone holder, you can call the service hotline in the upper right corner to consult with us.


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