Precautions for the purchase of silicone switches and details of use

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Silicone switch is a kind of switch. It is based on silicone and is widely used in daily life. Let's learn about the matters that should be paid attention to when purchasing silicone switches and some details when using them?

1. Precautions for purchasing silicone switches

Specifications can not be used indiscriminately: the types and specifications of silicone switches are different, and the functional characteristics of each switch with different specifications are also quite different. If the touch switch is arbitrarily applied to products of different specifications, it may cause incompatibility with each other, the key operation is not sensitive during use, and the switch is easily damaged. When purchasing, it must be adapted to the product. Only when the specifications are matched will it be handy.

Whether it is easy to be damaged when the squeezing force is inappropriate: At present, most of the traditional silicone switches have high sensitivity to induction, so when purchasing, pay more attention to the operation and squeezing force can not be too large, otherwise it will cause the switch to freeze when pressing, Moreover, the tactile sensitivity of the switch will be reduced in the later stage.

Whether it is easy to be damaged when pressed frequently: Silicone switches should also avoid pressing the switch frequently, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the shrapnel elements in the switch, and will also reduce the sensitivity of the shrapnel. In fact, every time the switch is pressed, the internal shrapnel will wear to a certain extent. When a certain wear resistance limit of the switch is reached, the life of the switch will end.

Second, the details to pay attention to when using the silicone switch

1. During the installation process, when each solder joint of the switch is not completely cooled, please do not touch the position of the contact or shake it at will, otherwise the switch will be loose and deformed. In this regard, some high-concentration water-soluble flux should not be used in the solder used for welding switches, otherwise, when the temperature is too high, the oxidized substances of the water-soluble flux will cause certain corrosion to the switch.

2. Avoid the frequent use of buttons for silicone switches, so as to avoid some misoperations of the switch induction circuit components, resulting in some switch button failures. And every time the key switch is enabled, a certain current will be turned on, so frequent key switches will also cause some unnecessary power consumption.

3. Please be careful not to scratch the sheath of the wire on the wiring of the switchgear. Otherwise, the exposed part of the wire core will simply penetrate moisture, resulting in line leakage or short circuit. Silicone switches create a risk of electric shock.

4. When choosing a touch switch, you should pay attention to whether the size of the switch current load meets the requirements of the equipment. Due to the different switches of each standard type, their current load carrying capacity varies widely. If the working voltage and working current of some household appliances are not consistent with the selected switching power, it may match the overload load that simply causes the circuit. Therefore, once the operating current temperature is too high, the switch may directly burn out.

So today's explanation is here first. The above is the whole content of today. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the precautions for the purchase of silicone switches and the details of their use. Thank you very much for your patient reading. If you want to know more about silicone switches, you can call the service hotline in the upper right corner to consult with us.


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