Waterproof headphone socket manufacturers teach you to choose headphone sockets

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First, look at the appearance. The style and level of the headphone socket should be consistent with the overall personality. White headphone sockets are mainstream. The overall color of most appliances is light. In most cases, colored headphone sockets should not be used.

Second, look at the feel. High-quality headphone sockets are mostly made of advanced engineering plastics such as bulletproof rubber (PC), which have good fire resistance (flame retardant, moisture-proof, impact-resistant, fatigue-resistant outside lines, etc.). ), and the appearance and texture are good. Consider your own feelings when buying, and start judging your ears by how you feel. In general, the raw material of the socket is unreliable in all functions of the product, rough in appearance and crunchy to the touch. A good headphone jack panel requires that the plug of the headphone jack has no bubbles, no scratches, no stains, and is light and tight.

3. Weighing. When buying headphone jacks, we should also measure the weight of a single headphone jack. A high-end headphone socket should have a satisfactory weight. High-end products generally do not cut corners, and light-weight products must be suspected of cutting corners. Be careful when buying. The waterproof headphone holder manufacturer tells you that the inner copper sheet of the headphone socket is thicker, so the weight of a single headphone socket will be heavier, and the inner copper sheet is a very important part of the headphone socket. If it is an alloy or thin copper sheet, the weight and quality are different.

Fourth, choose a brand manufacturer. Try to choose products from standard and professional manufacturers. Because the quality of the headphone socket is related to the normal use of electrical appliances and even the convenience of life, the headphone sockets produced by many small manufacturers cannot be used for a long time, and frequent replacement is obviously very time-consuming. Therefore, when purchasing products, you should choose products from standard and professional manufacturers. Commodities usually make useful promises to consumers, such as "guaranteed 12 years of service life", "plug in the headphone jack 10,000 times in a row" and so on.

Fifth, look at the logo. Pay attention to the necessary marks on the headphone socket and socket base, such as national compulsory product certification, rated current and voltage value, product model, wiring mark, etc.

Sixth, look at the packaging. Commodity packaging should be standardized and beautifully designed and printed. There should be clear information, such as the trademark manufacturer's address and phone number, the company's website address, etc., and there should be operating instructions, certificate attachment screws, etc.

So today's explanation will come here first. The above is the whole content of today. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of how to choose a headphone socket. Thank you very much for your patient reading. If you want to know more about the waterproof earphone holder, you can call the service hotline in the upper right corner to consult with us.


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