What is NGFF? What are the advantages?

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NGFF generally refers to the m.2 interface. The M.2 interface is a new server interface plan that can adapt to a variety of communication protocols, such as sata, PCIe, USB, HSIC, UART, SMBus, etc. The M.2 interface is a new-generation standard interface tailored for Ultrabooks to replace the original mSATA interface. Whether it is a more compact form factor or higher transmission characteristics, M.2 is far superior to mSATA.

NGFF (M.2 interface) is a new interface specification released by Intel to replace MSATA. In fact, for desktop and desktop computer customers, the SATA interface has already taken into account the requirements of most customers, but considering the storage requirements of ultrabook customers, Intel can't wait to release this new standard interface. Therefore, we have seen this kind of new M.2 interface on the new 9 series computer motherboards announced by asus, Gigabyte motherboards, MSI, etc., which have become popular.

Compared with MSATA, NGFF (M.2 interface) has two key advantages. The first is the advantage of the speed level. There are two types of M.2 interfaces: Socket2 (Bkey-ngff) and Socket3 (Mkey-nvme). Among them, Socket2 is suitable for SATA and PCI-EX2 interfaces, and if the PCI-E×2 standard interface is selected, the larger The loading rate can be 700MB/s, and the loading can also be 550MB/s. The Socket3 in it can be applied to the PCI-E×4 interface, and the basic theoretical network bandwidth can reach 4gB/s.

Although the volume of MSATA's solid-state disk has already become sufficiently small, compared with the solid-state disk of NGFF (M.2 interface), MSATA still does not have all the advantages to talk about. The M.2 standard SSD can carry out the layout of single-sided and double-sided NAND flash memory chips like mSATA, and can also carry out double-sided layout. The total thickness of single-sided and double-sided layout is only 2.75mm, and the thickness of double-sided layout is only 3.85mm. . However, mSATA has more obvious disadvantages in terms of volume. The size of 51mm×30mm makes mSATA not have the upper hand in the total area, and the thickness of 4.85mm single-sided and double-sided layout looks too thick compared with M.2. In addition, M.2 can provide higher storage capacity even with the same size.

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