Talking about the types of sim card holders

Author:yousu04 Date:2022-05-24 Reading:

The sim card holder has always insisted that it can adapt to social development, and what can be maintained is the best performance of progress, so it is the kind that everyone has always insisted on. Therefore, in the continuous development and progress, we can also maintain the best basic requirements and some of the best advanced technologies, as well as the kind that everyone has always insisted on.

1. Ordinary sim card holders, we call them big names, are mostly self-elastic, and are generally suitable for use in some large smart devices.

2. The MICROsim card holder is a medium-sized card holder, which is divided into two types: self-elastic card holder and flip card holder (with or without detection feet). The self-elastic card holder is more suitable for external card insertion, and its advantage is that the card is more convenient to use, while the flip card holder is more suitable for internal products, and its advantage is that it will not come out of contact due to vibration or shock.

3. NANO sim is the smallest card holder among all chip cards at present. It is divided into self-elastic type, head cover type and drawer type. The weight of the self-elastic type is the largest, and like the self-elastic type, it is used for add-in cards. The advantage is that it is more convenient to insert/remove the card. Both flip and pull-out versions are suitable for interior use. The difference is that the flip-up type is the upper card, and the product with compact surrounding space is preferred, and the pull-out type is the side.


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