Talking about the characteristics of typec interface

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1. Strong power supply capability.

That's right, it's about fast charging your phone. It is not difficult to find that the current mobile phones that support fast charging basically use the typec data interface. The reason is that it can provide up to 100W of power output, and can achieve bidirectional power supply through the typec interface, which can both charge the device itself and power external devices.

2. The transmission speed is fast.

Some friends will definitely ask when they see this: My typec mobile phone is not faster than the previous Micro interface. The reason is that although most mobile phones on the market use typec data interfaces, the transmission standard is still USB2.0. The advantage of ypec data interface is that it supports USB3.0 and above standards. At present, mobile phones supporting USB3.0 and above on the market are basically positioned as high-end flagship mobile phones. It should be noted that even if the mobile phone supports USB3.0, the original data cable of the mobile phone may not support it. Friends who need transmission speed, please pay attention. Before purchasing, you can go to the corresponding official website to check the parameter table or consult customer service.

3. Can transmit analog signals.

Nowadays, the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone jack has become one of the main trends in the development of smartphones, and the typec interface has gradually become the connection method for wired headphones. In fact, the typec interface has something in common with the 3.5mm headphone jack. The former can also transmit audio of analog signals. However, the analog signal output by the typec interface is prone to interference, and more and more manufacturers are beginning to choose digital audio output. So if you want a single adapter or typec headset, you must first ask if it matches before you buy it.

4. Better scalability.

The typec type can transmit audio and video signals, and can be extended to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA interfaces, and even 4K resolution expansion. The desktop extension function of the mobile phone as the host before is the embodiment of the video extension of the typec interface.


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