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The SIM card holder touches the SIM card through the spring plate on it. The SIM card holder is used in the mobile phone to present a socket for communicating with the SIM card on the mobile phone. The function and sequence of the pins of the SIM card holder on each mobile phone are the same. I firmly believe that everyone often sees the shadow of RF connectors in our daily life, so what is the structure of the SIM card holder? Let's find out together:

The SIM card holder is the SIM card in the mobile phone. It is different from the specifications and models on different mobile phones. The SIM card holder can be divided into large, medium and small series, and the SIM card holder is a SIM card with many basics. Socket side: namely card digital clock (SIMCLK), card calibration (SIMRST), card switching power supply (SIMVCC), ground (SIMGND) and card data information (SIMI/0 or SIMDAT). The standard application temperature of the SIM card holder is -25+70°C. Under extreme conditions, each application cannot exceed 4 hours, and the total application cannot exceed 100 times. The physical service life of the SIM card holder depends on the customer's insertion frequency, which is about 10,000 times; and the service life of the integrated circuit chip integrated ic depends on the loading frequency of the data information storage, and the index values vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are different.

Many basic SIM card sockets (that is, the terminal block interconnected with the power circuit) are card digital clock (SIMCLK), card calibration (SIMRST), card switching power supply (SIMVCC), card data information (SIMI/O or SIMDAT), programming terminal (SIMVPP), ground (SIMGND). The digital clock of the SIM card is 3.25MHz, and the I/O terminal is the data information I/O port number of the SIM card. The SIM card has two switching power supplies, 3V and 9V. Generally, the SIM card switching power supply on the mobile phone used is 9V. Because the SIM card socket pins on the mobile phone are all required, if you look for the SIM card ground terminal, other pins can be inferred, and the SIM card ground terminal can be seen on the circuit board with your eyes ( A large piece of copper pond), of course, the in-circuit resistor method can also be used to carry out accurate measurement and resolution.

The general SIM card holder has a storage capacity of 8KB, and there are also SIM card holders with a capacity of 16K/32K/64K/128K respectively. In the commonly used smart products and industrial products, the shadow of the SIM card holder is inseparable. The products that can be applied include: physical and mental health machinery and equipment, airlines, medical equipment industry, electronic products, smart products, mechanical equipment, communication on mobile phones, notebooks Computers, communication equipment, high-definition aerial photography products, sports equipment, driving recorders, car navigation, surveillance cameras, etc. Appropriate package specifications and models can be applied.

The above explanation is the structure of the SIM card holder. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the SIM card holder, please contact the customer service online or call the company's service hotline for consultation. , we will be happy to provide you with quality service!


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